Something’s Got to Give

I talked to a few refugees in German class today. Hardly surpriningy, what they wish for most, is to get in a car or on a train and go home. Of course, that option is not open for any of them.

And then, there are people like that woman I saw on TV the other day who had nothing better to say than, “how about they all just stay at home?” As if they could! How can people be so callused?

Yes, I know, we all have our own cross to carry. Believe me, I know that better than many. And yet, for some of us, the world is a much, much harder place to live in than for others. And everybody can do something.

Even if it is just to read the news and generally educate about how things are, and not let yourself be taken in by con-men and rabble-rousers.

Please, Europe! Get your act together and get to work!