The place I’m at isn’t exactly a hospital, but it comes close. The main difference is that they only treat chronic cases here instead of emergencies. This gives the medical staff a lot more time for each patient and allows for therapies that wouldn’t be possible in a regular hospital.

SKA Alland Grounds
SKA Alland Grounds
However, about the same rules apply. While you’re here, you’re on sick leave from work. The house has a certain responsibility for your well-being and therefore imposes a number of rules we have to follow.
Most importantly, we are supposed to be present at meals and are not allowed to leave the premises at all. (Well, technically, but we must not stray too far.) The house will be locked down at 10 PM every day, so you better be inside by that time.
Weekends are the exception from the rule. If your responsible physician agrees, you are allowed to skip a meal or two and go out.
I took the opportunity and went home today. There is a washer and a dryer patients can use, but I strongly prefer doing my laundry at home. That way, I could get rid of some stuff and bring a few things I had left at home the first time. And I could see a dear friend. Luckily I hadn’t been here long enough to be overwhelmed by the sounds and hectic life of the big city, so I enjoyed the day. I still tried not to eat too much, although it was a little more than I get here. We compensated by taking a pleasant walk through the city centre, so that’s all right, I hope.

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