Rehab Alland, Day Three Therapy

Finally the pace is picking up a bit. The day didn’t start as early as yesterday, albeit still at a time I like to call the middle of the night. I don’t believe in good mornings any more than I believe in fairies or yetis.
Anyway, breakfast looked a lot better today, even though it wasn’t, really. I seem to get accustomed to the meals, which is a good thing, considering that this is my main goal here.

SKA Alland
SKA Alland

After breakfast I saw my Doctor and we discussed the results I had bled for yesterday. Of course, not all is well, but I don’t have diabetes or anything, which is a great relief. The rest will be better as soon as I’ve got rid of some weight. I’ve already started losing some, so I’m on a path to success. Cross your fingers for me!
After that, I had pool gymnastics. I’m not a big fan of watersports, as a rule of thumb, but I’m determined to make the best of my stay here so I tried to get into it. A lot of the success here depends on the energy you are willing to put into it.
After lunch we met the Chief of Staff and the Managing Director of the house, who explained a bit of what they’re trying to do and why. The most interesting part was that we can get out on Sundays if we get permission from our doctor.
Later in the afternoon I had hay compresses, which help a little with the pain in my knees.
It’s been raining today, so I think if I’m going for a walk later I won’t explore the woods, but stay on paved roads and leave my camera at home.

Rehab Alland, Day Two It’s about the Food

Today started out at six o’clock (yes, A.M.) with giving blood (lots and lots of it, I was pricked a grand total of seven times). In order to work their magic, the doctors needed me to drink some solution of sugar and God knows what else. At nine we were finally allowed breakfast.
The first meal of the day consisted of one and a half slices of bread with margarine, which I left out, jam, and some yeast-based spread. Additionally, you could have as much vegetables as you like. They had only cucumber and kohlrabi left today, but it seems that was because we were so late. We were also allowed two pieces of fruit.
Between the meals most of us were completely free today, except if we needed any additional checks, which I didn’t. So I seized the opportunity and went back to bed after breakfast. Hey, don’t judge me, remember I had been drained of my life juice practically since midnight.

a typical lunch
Pork chop with a variety of mushrooms and noodles.

In Austria, lunch is usually the biggest meal of the day. As usual, we got our food served to our seats. The staff is competent and friendly, no complaints there. We had some kind of broth with eggs in it, a bowl of salad, a pork chop with mushrooms and noodles, and some kind of yoghurt jelly like substance that tasted faintly of lemon. Quite a normal lunch, just like you could have it at any cafeteria at work.
Still, I’m a bit surprised by the approach they take to the whole eating habits thing. All my life I had been told that dieting was bad, that several small meals a day are better than a few larger ones, and so on. Here they give you the feeling that, yes, you are on a diet (1100 calories!) and that you need to lower you expectations as to the quality as well as the quantity of the food. It’s not that it’s downright disgusting, but you can clearly taste where they left out those additional calories. So far, I’m not sure I will be able too keep it up when I’m out of here.
Since we had nothing special to do all afternoon, we went on another walk.

Oh, yes, supper will be some bread and cheese. Just about what I would have had anyway, only less of it. After that I will get my schedule for tomorrow. Hopefully things will speed up a little.

Rehab Alland, Day One We’re off to a Slow Start

SKA Alland, my home for the next three weeks
SKA Alland, my home for the next three weeks

Somewhere in the Vienna Woods, close to small town Alland, there is a rehab clinic that specialises in cases of obesity and diabetes. Since my weight has been exploding lately and my GP was really concerned, I saw no alternative but to check in. So here I am, hoping for a breakthrough.

The first day was close to what I expected. I had to be here before 10AM (actually made it shortly past 8, yay!) for various check-ups, which showed what we already knew. The highlight was a long talk with one of the doctors, who really took the time and listened to my rather long litany of ailments. I don’t think I’ve ever had the opportunity to tell all of them to a physician at once – there just never is the time. And I’m telling you, I’m a wreck!

Together we decided on a set of therapeutic measures I will undergo the next weeks. I’m here until the 8th of November, so there’s plenty of time. A lot of it has got to do with exercise – hiking through the woods, swimming, that kind of stuff. But there are also several therapies for my joints and a session in the kitchen. I’m looking forward to that.

In addition, they’re offering psychotherapy, since problems like mine are rarely purely somatic.

Of course, I also had to pay a visit to the dietician. No surprise there: I’m getting three meals a day, providing a grand total of 1100 calories. Except today, because I had no breakfast, so make that 900 calories. This better work, or I’ll be pissed.

Off we were to lunch, and that was it for the day, except for a 20 minute introduction and welcome speech. There will be another one on Thursday, BTW. I’m saying we, because I already met a few nice people.

That left the afternoon free for me to take a couple pictures. The woods are really beautiful this time of year.